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Creating stories that live off the page...

Step into a world of enchantment and imagination with Liz Bullard. Known for her captivating storytelling, Liz's debut series, The Prophecy Trilogy, has been praised for its vivid scenes, unforgettable characters, and empowering themes that inspire readers.

But Liz's magical journey doesn't end there. She is thrilled to announce her upcoming release with Tabletop Publishing, a heartwarming children's book that follows the lovable adventures of her pup, Preston. 

When she's not penning captivating tales or captivating listeners, Liz finds solace in the pages of a good book or shares joyful moments in the kitchen with her faithful corgi companion, Preston, by her side. So welcome to the world of Liz Bullard Writes and, be inspired to dream, imagine, and embark on unforgettable literary adventures.

Blog Posts

Reflecting on the Launch of Prophecy Trilogy: Portal
It's been almost two weeks since the exciting launch of my book, Prophecy Trilogy: Portal, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the response. I am immensely grateful to all my readers and supporters, as well as to Cocoa Chapters and the ama...
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From One Line to Four Books: A Surprising Journey with the Prophecy Trilogy
Writing the Prophecy Trilogy has been an incredible journey, one that has taken me by surprise. When I first embarked on this creative endeavor, I never anticipated how far it would take me. It all began with a simple challenge: write the next line, ...
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Embracing the Journey: Small Steps Towards Audiobook Production
Yearning for instant progress is a sentiment many of us can relate to. The anticipation of reaching our goals can often be overshadowed by the uncertainty of the in-between phase, where doubts and anxieties loom large. It's in this ambiguous spa...
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Embracing Vulnerability: A Writer's Journey Towards Empowerment and Inspiration
Reflecting on my journey as a writer, I am reminded of a time when the idea of discussing my books and writing tools for a magazine seemed like an impossible dream. The doubts and insecurities that plagued me - the shy and uncertain parts of myself -...
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Countdown to Adventure: Anticipating the Release of Book 2 - 'Prophecy Trilogy: Portal'!
Exciting news, fellow book lovers! We are just 22 days away from the highly-anticipated release of Book 2 in the 'Prophecy Trilogy: Portal.' This upcoming installment promises to take us on a thrilling journey filled with growth, challenges, and unex...
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I'm All Booked -- Read An Ebook Week
Books can be a gateway to freedom. They have the ability to transport you to infinite worlds and connect you with people you could only dream of meeting. Reading is truly a magical experience that has not only shaped me as a person but inspired me to...
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A Heartfelt Journey with "Head Rush": Embracing Vulnerability and Connection
Embarking on a new creative project, like a book release, always comes with its share of nerves and doubts. Every little typo or misplaced comma can feel like a mountain to overcome, clouding the excitement of bringing something new into the world .I...
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Unveiling the Magic: The 'Head Rush' Book Cover
In the enchanting realm of fantasy romance, every detail holds the promise of a captivating journey. As I eagerly anticipate the release of my upcoming novel, 'Head Rush,' I am thrilled to share the mesmerizing progression of its cover design with yo...
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Head Rush -- A story of profound love and growth
Have you ever felt that profound longing for someone you love, even when they are physically distant?I had a heartwarming conversation with a dear friend recently, where she shared a touching story about being physically distant from her husband. As ...
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Exciting Projects Coming Your Way in 2024!
🎉 Get Ready for an Exciting Adventure, My Friends! 📢Apologies in advance for the long post, but trust me, it's worth it! This year is all about non-stop excitement and adventure, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have you all join me on th...
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Oops I Did It ... Again
Well, guess what? I did it again! I went ahead and updated m website, only to find myself in a familiar predicament - losing everything... for the second time. I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "Didn't you learn from the first mishap?" And tr...
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