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(Audiobook) Head Rush : A Prophecy Series Romantasy Novella

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"Head Rush" - A Romantasy Short Story narrated by the captivating Tiana Holley!

Prepare to be swept away as Tiana Holley brings the lives of Talia and Eli to life in this thrilling audiobook. Immerse yourself in a world where love and destiny collide, unleashing a magical warfare filled with irresistible desire. In this exhilarating novella, the Prophecy Trilogy unfolds with heart-pounding intensity. 

Join Talia and Eli on a riveting journey where their destinies become intertwined under the meddling of Onmai, the Sage Ruler of Zodia. Talia, determined to forge her own path, resists the sage's interference in matters of the heart. Meanwhile, Eli follows an unwavering connection that transcends the physical realm. Will Ida, Talia's nefarious nemesis, succeed in driving a wedge between them? Or will fate prevail, uniting them in both love and war?

"Head Rush" offers a glimpse into the deeper layers of the characters' lives before their search for the Chosen One, Tabatha. With its intoxicating blend of passion, danger, and unbreakable bonds, this romantasy short story is a perfect addition to your reading collection.

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3 months ago

Great listen

I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. The storytelling and narration are excellent. "Head Rush" serves as a prequel to the Prophecy series, making it a perfect starting point for newcomers.

One of the highlights is the opportunity to witness the characters from the other books during their youth. Talia and TK are characters you will easily become fond of.

The narrator truly enhances the story with their performance. I highly recommend picking up this audiobook without hesitation. It's a decision you won't be disappointed with.