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Coaching with Liz

My coaching style focuses on building a strong foundation for your writing journey, fostering a resilient mindset, and providing practical tools to boost your creativity. Whether you're looking to refine your skills, overcome writer's block, or establish productive writing routines, sessions with me are designed to empower you on your writing path.

Writing Coaching Services

Jump Start Total: $700

Duration: 6 weeks

Number of sessions: 4

Individualized writing support to uncover your strengths and address challenges hindering your writing goals.

Murky Middle - Total: $1,750

Duration: 3 months

Number of Sessions: 10

Strategic accountability sessions to identify and overcome specific writing obstacles, offering strategies and exercises for enhanced creativity.

Empowered Scibes - Total: $3,500

Duration: 6 months

Number of Sessions: 20

Comprehensive project support that dives deep into mindset and routine strategies to develop effective habits, ensuring progress towards completing your writing project.