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I'm All Booked -- Read An Ebook Week

Books can be a gateway to freedom. They have the ability to transport you to infinite worlds and connect you with people you could only dream of meeting. Reading is truly a magical experience that has not only shaped me as a person but inspired me to be an author. I love everything from the feel of paper in my fingers, the way a narrator brings characters to life, or the portability of an Ebook.

Ebooks are portable libraries opening their holder to epic fantasies or heartwarming romances all within the palm of your hand. They can be salvation from a social outing or a tranquil respite when traveling. Ebooks are one of my favorite reading mediums, which makes me thrilled to announce Read an Ebook Week.

Read an Ebook Week is a delightful initiative that urges readers to immerse themselves in the digital realm and discover new literary adventures. This year, to celebrate, I, along with many other authors, are partnering with Smashwords to offer books at a discount. This week is an opportunity for you to grab a copy of my book, alongside works from numerous other talented authors, at a discounted rate - making it easier for you to dive straight into a captivating read.

The promotion will kick off on March 3, and you can find all the details and participating books on the Smashwords website: Smashwords Ebook Week Promotion.

As you spread the word about this sale, remember this week is more than about buying books, it's about enjoying them. I can say this year I have been having fun diving into books and I am at 8 books read. My goal is 40 but let's see if I can surpass that. Happy reading and let me know if you have any creative ways to celebrate Read an Ebook Week.