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A Heartfelt Journey with "Head Rush": Embracing Vulnerability and Connection

Embarking on a new creative project, like a book release, always comes with its share of nerves and doubts. Every little typo or misplaced comma can feel like a mountain to overcome, clouding the excitement of bringing something new into the world .In the midst of these swirling emotions, I awake to the Sips Report by Sip Then Read, fresh on my timeline.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, I shared my work with the insightful duo, Syretta and Nikki, known for their honest reviews of indie books featuring Black characters. Their feedback was both nerve-wracking and exciting as I eagerly awaited their thoughts on my characters and story.

I was thrilled to find that Syretta and Nikki truly connected with the heart of my story. Their appreciation for the characters and immersive experience I aimed to create left me feeling validated and proud. Their praise even extended to the audio version of "Head Rush," narrated by the talented Tiana Holley, adding another layer of richness to the overall experience.

Reflecting on this journey of creativity and collaboration, I am grateful for the support of Sip Then Read. Their passion for storytelling and dedication to uplifting Black voices in literature continue to inspire me on my creative path.

May you find inspiration and delight in the pages ahead. Make sure to follow Sip Then Read for more indie book insights and cocktail creations, and let your reading adventures be filled with joy and discovery.

Happy reading!

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