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You Were Created For Such A Time As this

eReads podcast - Inclusive Ink: Embracing Diversity with Dr. Katherine Hayes

Prompt: You Were Created For Such A Time As this

Original work by Liz Bullard

You Were Created For Such A Time As this

Weighed down by the sea of doubt, the waves of every failure crash against her body, making her sink deeper into the blackened hole of despair. Like an anchor, the chains of comparison weigh her down, holding her in place, keeping her from the glimmer of light shining on the horizon. The impostor steps forward, towering over the hero, the writer, the artist, the creative, taunting their paralyzed state. "You are nothing," Impostor Syndrome gloats, rejoicing as the waves rise higher. The waters are now at her chest, making her breath ragged and shallow. Fingers trembling, she can't grasp footing to stop herself from sinking. It's almost over.

But then something in the glimmering light steps through. She can't make out what it is, but the voice, the thing, the gesture is kind. It feels like a life vest as it speaks these words. "You were created for such a time as this." Something inside her knows this is true. Knows that within her is everything to weather this torrential current of despair. The impostor glowers and bares its venomous teeth. "Don't believe it. You are not worthy of this time, this opportunity, this greatness that lies on the horizon." But the words do not crash as she holds on to the glimmer. The voice shining in the horizon calls again. "You were created for such a time as this."

She doesn't believe it fully, but it is enough to shine light into the darkness. The anchor lightens and she can feel the waters beneath her sink lower as she stands. "I was created for such a time as this," she breathes and the chains snap and fall. The impostor shakes, knowing she now has her footing and the next time it rises she will be prepared for its attack. Rising, wet and weathered, she stares into the face of Impostor Syndrome and says, "I was created for such a time as this." The ghastly form of the impostor shrinks and fizzles until all that is left is a puff of darkened smoke that she dispels as she walks through, making her way through muddy ground towards the glimmer of her destiny.

Episode Takeaways

  • Diversity in literature isn't as vast as one might think.
  • Diversity doesn't stop with creating BIPOC characters, but also of supporting diverse authors which includes disabilities, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Writing to the Big 5 can be a strategy to let them know we want diverse books by diverse authors!

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Dr. Katherine Hayes

Resident Artist of Arizona, and the Foundations Awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference (2016, 2019, 2021). She is a member of Word Weavers International and serves as an online chapter president and mentor. She belongs to FWA (Florida Writers Association), ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), CWoC (Crime Writers of Color), AWSA (Advanced Writers and Speakers Association), and AASA (American Association of School Administrators). She serves on the board of the nonprofit organization Submersion 14 and is an art instructor for the nonprofit organization Light for the Future. Katherine hosts the podcast Murder, Mystery & Mayhem Laced with Morality. She has authored a Christian Bible study for women and is currently working on the sequel to her first general market thriller novel.

As a trainer of trainers, Katherine believes there are many ways to do things well but only one way to do God’s will right.

Katherine flourishes in educational and Biblical discipleship. Her sweet spot or zone of genius has evolved from a career spanning 20 years in education and both children’s and women’s ministry; Katherine morphed and transitioned into an educational consultant for charter schools, home school programs, and churches that led up program development; growth facilitating and public relations. Quickly identifying holes and problem areas in these projects, developing strategic planning and team building, Katherine combines over 20 years of experience into her current consulting business. Katherine provides executive-level accountability so you and your organization get the attention to detail they deserve and you start excelling in a healthy, productive work environment.

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