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Episode Recap - S4.2 - A What If Prompt Inspired By Fantasy Talks

eReads podcast - Unveiling the Art of Crafting Fantasy Series with Zachary Hagen

Prompt: What If

Original work by Liz Bullard

What If...

What if it all works out, is what they say. But what if the villain actually wins? What happens when the sky turns black and evil reigns? What will humanity do when the hero lies crushed under the villain’s boot?

The thought of glorious chaos draws a wicked grin to Nara’s face. She has plotted the best plan and rejoices at the anticipated defeat of her enemies: the Heroes.

Oh, how people cheer for them. How they root for their victory. But will their cries of anguish and horrific whimpers of terror be that much more deviously satisfying?

Nara snickers and her fingers tap against each other. "There is only one thing I must do before my plan is set in motion."

Her grin widens until her cheeks ache. She lifts herself from the chair and turns from the wall of monitors and computer analytics. Nara is on a mission to head to the ice cream shop across the street. 

She will get a banana split then set off her victorious plan. Nara turns the lock and steps outside. With a skip in her step, she heads to the shop but misses the curb. Stumbling and tumbling, she falls into the street and in front of a fast-moving bus. The horn blares and the world twirls upside down as her body makes impact.

Blinking longer and harder at the clear blue sky, Nara curses and says, "I didn't plan for what if I am hit by an oncoming bus."

Episode Takeaways

  • Character development is critical to an ongoing series.
  • Think outside the box about obtaining reviews.
  • Sometimes you have to change up your strategy when drafting a story.

Learn More About Zachary Hagen 

Zachary Hagen is a Mississippi based fantasy author and teacher. He lives there with his wife, Claudia, and their dogs, Flynn and Bellaluna. When he isn't busy writing his next book or teaching, you can often find him at a great restaurant or reading a good book.

From a young age he was enthralled with the world of story. From the stories his parents read to him from his blue bedtime story books (if you know, you know) to the first two series that he read, The Chronicles of Narnia and A Series of Unfortunate Events, Zachary's tastes continued to develop throughout his years of reading.

The influences for his first series, The Eternal Chronicles, include Christopher Paolini, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and others.





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