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A Book Lover's Dilemma

The year isn't over yet, but as avid readers, we can't help but look ahead and ponder the question: Is it too early to set a 2024 reading goal? After surpassing my 2023 goal of reading 20 books (currently at 33 books and counting), I find myself at a crossroads. Should I add to my current list or start fresh for the upcoming year? Join me as we navigate this literary dilemma and reflect on the captivating books that have shaped our reading journey thus far.

Appreciating the Literary Wonders of the Year:

Before making any decisions, let's take a moment to appreciate the wonders of this year's literary adventures. I took a leap of faith and delved into the world of romance, a genre I once dismissed as "not for me." Thanks to the vibrant Booktok community, I discovered a multitude of captivating subgenres that expanded my horizons. From heart-pounding romantic suspense to tender love stories, these books have opened my heart to new experiences and enriched my reading journey.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures:

While beloved authors like James Patterson and Janet Evanovich continued to captivate me with their latest releases, the true magic came from discovering talented indie authors. Two friends, Danni Williams and Cynthia Carver, shared their remarkable works, introducing me to unique voices and fresh perspectives. Their books left an indelible mark, and I eagerly await their future releases, excited to delve further into their captivating storytelling.

Embracing the Enthusiasm for 2024:

While it may seem early to set a 2024 reading goal, as book lovers, our enthusiasm knows no bounds. Let's channel our excitement and reflect on the books that have shaped us in 2023. With this passion, let's curate our reading lists for the upcoming year, celebrating the transformative power of books and the endless possibilities they hold. Whether we choose to continue our current journey or embark on a new one, let's embrace the joy of reading and the opportunities for personal growth it presents.

Share Your Bookish Recommendations:

As we embark on this new chapter, I invite you to share your thoughts and book recommendations for 2024 in the comments below. Let's inspire and support each other as we explore new literary landscapes and discover captivating stories. Together, let's embrace the excitement of setting reading goals and celebrate the magic of books that will accompany us on our bookish journey in the coming year.

Some of my favorite reads from 2023