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Reflecting on the Launch of Prophecy Trilogy: Portal

It's been almost two weeks since the exciting launch of my book, Prophecy Trilogy: Portal, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the response. I am immensely grateful to all my readers and supporters, as well as to Cocoa Chapters and the amazing bookstagrammers on their team.

Cocoa Chapters is a fantastic tour service dedicated to connecting BIPOC authors with readers who may not have come across their books otherwise. Their support has been invaluable in helping me navigate the sometimes daunting process of launching a book.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Rhonda and all the members of the Cocoa Chapters team for their assistance. Your help has truly lightened my load and allowed me to focus on what matters most – sharing my story with the world.

Let me share with you some of the incredible posts that these talented bookstagrammers have created:

  • brookelovesbooks23: Brooke's collage beautifully captures the essence of vulnerability in the story. Link to post

  • zezeebs: Through stunning imagery of a phoenix, Zeezeebs embraces the anime elements of the book. Link to post

  • nikkeyreads: Nikkey's amazing video graphics bring attention to both Book 1 and Book 2 in a creative way. Link to post

  • calypsobookshelf: Calypso's aesthetically pleasing posts highlight the romance, magic, and action in the novel. Link to post

  • litreadingdiva: Litreadingdiva's video identifies key elements of the novel in a captivating manner. Link to post

  • read_with_kc: KC's lovely bookcase display and glowing rating of 4.5 for Portal are truly heartwarming. Link to post

  • _baby.girl.lit: The stunning video by _baby.girl.lit captures the magical essence of the novel. Link to post

  • thepagelady: Thepagelady's insightful review covers various aspects of the book, showcasing her deep engagement with the story. Link to post

  • niecceereads: Niecceereads' creative idea of incorporating scents corresponding to the novel adds a delightful touch. Link to post

  • thereadingroom444: Thereadingroom444's engaging graphics and intriguing questions about the novel spark curiosity in readers. Link to post

To all the bookstagrammers and Cocoa Chapters, thank you for infusing your unique personalities into my literary journey. Your creativity and support have made this experience truly special. Happy reading!

To all the bookstagrammers and Cocoa Chapters, thank you for being a part of this incredible literary journey. Your support means the world to me.

Happy reading!